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No One sets out to buy a drill

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Concept to completion

creative media production

The Visual Laboratory is the resource where creative ideas come into contact with effective media production.  It is here that new and dynamic concepts are combined with developed skills in television, video and graphic design.  The resulting compounds are intended to inspire and activate through professional design and production that represents consistent quality and tested results.

Each production and project is approached with specific detail and effective planning.  Producing your media on time and in budget remains a priority through every step of the production process.  By utilizing the latest in software and hardware we are able to bring the latest in media style and feel to your project.

Creative Media Production is an effective process that is streamlined in order to optimize time and budget while maintaining quality, impact and originality.

Concept to Completion means that your idea and vision is taken from the drawing board and completed into reality all within our laboratory.

The message is the focus point
the media is the magnifying glass

bringing your idea into focus

Our Mission


The Visual Laboratory strives to be a source of consistent reliability in creating creative media.  This is accomplished by taking an idea and vision from its conception through the production process to completion.


Handling every aspect of the production process maintains the quality and focus of each production.  A single idea can be completed into many different media formats, all working together to share the same message.

provide effective media that is produced on time and in budget.



graphic Design

The Visual Laboratory provides studio and on-location production in the latest HD formats. Post-production editing with special effect and animation capabilities.  Nothing brings an idea to life like video, and video lives here on television, the web, DVDs and Blu-Ray.

If you are going to have your message heard you have to be telling it on the web. The Visual Laboratory can design and maintain your website or create original content for your social media networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Smart and fast describes effective logos and graphics. The Visual Laboratory can craft unique and instantly recognizable logos and effective graphic projects. Creativity and clarity are the essential tools in creating graphic media, but we use pens and computers too.

legal videography


Creative services

Make your case clear with effective and professional media. The Visual Laboratory is ready to provide videography services to the legal community by recording depositions, interviews and day-in-the-life videos.  We can also prepare media materials for trial presentation.

Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. What those thousand words will be is our focus.  From portraits to posters, marketing pieces to memorable poses we do it all. The Visual Laboratory is a powerful resource for capturing the moment or captivating the masses.

Bring your product and vision to market with the creative services from Visual Laboratory.  Original copy writing and scripting will make your message stand out from the crowds and competition. Be the media that everyone is left talking about and sharing with their friends.

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good for business

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