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The Visual Laboratory is my creative outlet and a portfolio of more than 20 years of award winning marketing, design and media production. My skills fit into any part of the creative production process from conceptual thinking and design to marketing strategy and into multimedia production and content delivery.  Please enjoy this portfolio site - Richie Huval.

My Work

Since 1994

Award Winning

Broad scope

years of success

Being recognized by the Telly Awards as a multiple award winner means that Visual Laboratory stands out as one of the top 25% of media production resources in today's global market.

Visual Laboratory works and designs in everything from print to interactive, Digital video to live event production, marketing materials, logos, commercials and anything else you can perceive with your eyes, ears and emotions.

Visual Laboratory brings more than 20 years of professional production experience to the table.  This means that your project benefits from a tried and true process that has continued to deliver results.


Video Production

The Visual Laboratory provides studio and on-location production. Post-production editing with special effect and animation capabilities.  Nothing brings an idea to life like video.


The Visual Laboratory can design and maintain your website or create original content for your social media networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Graphic Design

 The Visual Laboratory can craft unique and instantly recognizable logos and effective graphic projects.

Legal Videography

The Visual Laboratory is proud to provide videography services to the legal community by recording depositions, producing videos and media materials for trial presentation.


 The Visual Laboratory is a powerful resource for capturing the moment or captivating the masses. From portraits to posters, marketing pieces to memorable poses we do it all.

Creative Services

Original copy writing and scripting will make your message stand out from the crowds and competition. Be the media that everyone is left talking about and sharing.

Richie Huval

Tyler, Texas